Anger (Jeff Brown)

‘Just as passive aggressiveness causes suffering, so does passive non-aggressiveness. Passive aggression hurts those who fall victim to its misdirected arrows. Passive non-aggressiveness wounds those who bottle up their expression- their anger congealing into a cache of weapons that explode internally. The healthier approach is to learn how to express anger healthily and in a timely manner, so that it doesn’t turn outward and harm innocents, & so that it doesn’t turn inward and cause disease. Because of all the horrible things that humans have done in anger, anger has been given a bad name. But it is a legitimate emotion that signals that someone has been violated. Its time we raised healthy anger back to the rafters of acceptability, and worked together to clarify a way of expressing it that both holds everyone safe AND allows us to honor its inherent wisdom. Not abusing self or other, but seeing the feelings all the way through to the healing and lessons they contain.’

(Jeff Brown)

This entry was posted by Simon Williams.

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