Honouring the sacred place

As a poet, you do not necessarily need to locate or define or understand where poetry and inspiration come from. What is absolutely necessary is to honour the place where inspiration gestates and poetry emerges, and to carefully cultivate this sense of honour in your daily experience. In other words, you need to know where you are coming from, which is not a static reality but a dynamic and continuous process. A sacred knowing and becoming. Let your muse be; and simultaneously be present to your reciprocal needs and impulses. Further, you do not need to fear or control these needs and impulses. Emerging from this sacred place within your everyday, they are potent and awesome; wholesome and ordinary. What is good may speak and may hold silence; both are poetry. What is written may be ‘you’, and may be greater than you: both are life.

(Simon Williams, 13.02.2013)

This entry was posted by Simon Williams.

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