Origins of words and life…

One of the joyful tasks of a poet is to understand words,
to know their origins, to bring forth their meanings into our lives…
more deeply to imagine the context of those origins,
the breath that bore meaning, the glimmer that reflected love…
and deeper still (or perhaps returning to the surface to breathe),
to articulate the origins and conditions of life,
I don’t mean in an archaic way but in terms of where we are now,
in the writing of these words that connect and inspire and create
within the medium of our daily lives…

(Simon Williams, 19.10.2012)

This entry was posted by Simon Williams.

One thought on “Origins of words and life…

  1. Will there be a last word, I wonder?
    What will I say as my breath goes?
    I held my father’s hand as he passed and, rattling, he gurgled and left.
    My son, being born, cord wrapped round his neck, was blue, and made no sound till we freed him from its grip. Then he cried.

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