One night…

When you look at something for long enough
you begin to see it everywhere

Still, keep looking at what you can see

One evening, out of the corner of your eye,
you may see a first star appear

When you see yourself reflected often enough
you may lose touch with what moves you

Still, be with your friends and family

One night you may walk out under the stars
and find all you love connected by vast spaces
and streaked through the sky

(Simon Williams, 12.8.2012)

This entry was posted by Simon Williams.

4 thoughts on “One night…

    • I love that sense too of sharing the ground and sky. I could get tangled up to no end in abstractions of self and no-self, but it is bleedingly obvious when you look at another person or a flower, or the stars…

      • And the wonder that not only are we breathing this air, but this air is made up of ancient particles recycled and really it is all just a beautiful tapestry and we are tiny threads interwoven… aahhh…

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