Who we are is Everything (My Practice #3)

My practice
is to create mindful poetry
from the threads of my wife’s gaze,
my child’s cry,
the undercurrent of my shame,
and the calm blue of Winter sky
(where unseen winds fly)

Here I walk, head-strong, mind-blown
from room to room of my life…
Who’s life?

A pelican, with the grace of being what is,
wings spread above the sand and waves
creates an illusion of stillness
in the spinning of the wind
interwoven with all life

Rest in connection
this illusion is no illusion
this life is life

We must not think ourselves
too ugly to be grateful
(grace is being)
too broken to be in love
(love is holding)
too regretful to be wise
(wisdom is learning)

Where we are is our beginning place
who we are is everything

Reweave the worn threads of your identity
into a garment of everyday kindness
which may speak your true names…

Who we are is Everything…


(Simon Williams, 10.8.2012)

When we have surrendered totally to that beauty,
Then we shall be a mighty kindness.

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