Rock Speaks

irrevocable, reciprocal
wife, child, trees, rock
I have spoken, chosen
life has broken, opened

a seed high in a crack in the rock
the rock has heard generously
but will not let me take my words back

if I fight, with what I think is my life,
the rock will not be moved any faster
if I am willing, time may appear to pass more quickly,
for this brief moment

the rock may speak eventually,
without thinking,
perhaps wise
but it will take its own sweet time to do so
and may choose a language I do not yet know

in the meantime – echoes, shuffling feet, water’s drops,
a bird’s call, heaviness – life resounding

I imitate holding the silence
though I am a speck on the spoon
of the great silence that holds me

knowledge deafens, belief blinds
these words are tunnellings
not through rock
but in the surface dust, clinging like seeds

somewhere, something is wearing away
sometime, life is becoming itself

(Simon Williams, 5.8.2012)

This entry was posted by Simon Williams.

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