a boy knows loneliness
finding for himself ways to cope
leaves a note ‘Learning to fly…’
and walks into the bush

stands on the edge of the rock
wings spread to get a feel for it
prays by the creek sleeps in a cave
dreaming about a journey he can shape

little thought for those left behind
little thought for his ‘state of mind’
because he has found something larger
he has journeyed to meet his loneliness

and he knows now the world is lonely and interwoven
the trees are quiet and interspoken
and everything speaks for him
in voices he will channel through poetry and song

(Simon Williams, 22.7.2012)

I have shaped initiations for myself since a very young age, I have been places in the world and in myself that held immense fear but as I have seen clearly an essence of life that is far beyond anything anyone can articulate, I have not worried to journey there in different ways. What we know shapes our fear, not what we do not know. And so we journey into the unknown and etch ourselves into secret places…

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