Clear as mud… (three poems)

(I dedicate these poems to my brothers, Nathan and Gareth, both with whom I had significant conversations yesterday. I have been practicing body scanning and these conversations held a similar quality, in different ways. One found a spot of accumulated tension in my thinking which I gave gentle attention to through the day; the other stayed with me, close, and heard my breath…)

. . .

Clear as mud…

This empty hand holds the soil of the garden
these arms feel the welcome weight of my children
this face tells many stories, new and old

If you want to know my mind
sit close with me
and you may hear it on my breath

(Simon Williams, 21.7.2012)


the moth, defenceless,
settles on bark, becomes bark
he’s there but not there

(Simon Williams, 21.7.2012)

. . .


defences dismantl-
ed… what remains is strong as wood;
what becomes, potent

(Simon Williams, 21.7.2012)

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4 thoughts on “Clear as mud… (three poems)

    • Thank you Tom. It is the way I am most confident holding and expressing the meaning and feeling. The shape and weight of language seems important. And it feels very much like a gift which I prepare thoughtfully.

  1. I love these poems, Simon. I think language is part of our inner core and being able to breathe words into life is a wonderful gift.

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